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Written by Pat Griffin   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 10:36

Thank-you everyone for your final deadline orders. The Japan head office has confirmed all of them and is shipping this week. Once we receive it here at our local office we'll be notifying all of you with your personal tracking information. Stay tuned!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 October 2014 10:43
Sad Face

Dear Friends,

Mami and I were recently informed by the owners of Sha-Nail PRO: Props Corporation Japan that they are ending distribution of their products in North America. As their master distributor here in the Americas and the de-facto main contact for the English speaking world, we are shocked and disappointed to say the least.

It’s a HUGE blow to us as I’m sure you know we’ve put a considerable amount of time, effort, money and love into growing a product we firmly believed in.

Mami and I are truly grateful for the effort and trust you have shared with us in being a part of this amazing product. By the end of this month, September, we are required to stop using the trademarks Sha-Nail and NailGrafx. To be honest, it’s an awkward situation as our Incorporated company name uses the trademark and we are required to change that too. We’re sad - but busy - bees here at the office working out the logistics.

We always try to look on the bright side, and when one door is closed, another is often opened.

Mami’s new venture, and are focused as a new nail art supply boutique and Mami continues to leverage her connections in Japan to bring the coolest nail art products to this side of the Pacific. She has some VERY interesting products up her sleeve - one that might even rival Sha-Nail in quality and ease of use. We'll keep you posted.

Patrick has been bitten hard by the nail bug, and continues to work in the industry growing The Canada Nail Cup and also has joined the team over at Akzentz Professional Nail Products.

Sha-Nail IS an amazing product and especially Sha-Nail MORE is a fun easy and affordable spin-off that both have very long shelf lives. Mami will continue to use them in her magazine shoots and nail art and so too will the thousands of nail tech’s who have built considerable libraries. The product will continue to make people money and the demand you have helped create - I believe - because of patents, will continue to grow into cult-movie-like favourite status for years.

Lastly, all pending order ARE on track for shipment soon. Not to worry. We'll still be answering our NailGrafx emails for support and help.

We thank you again from our family to yours.


Patrick and Mami Griffin

North America NailGrafx Inc.

ShaNail Pro Featured Educator: Mami Griffin

Quick High-Def 3D layers possible by Sha-Nail Pro

How to Get Sha-Nail PRO Ornaments?


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The thinnest patented and exclusive high-definition micro-film from Japan, Sha-Nail Ornaments layer on top of each other to create amazing nail art.

Sha-Nail Pro's micro films are thinner than a hair, they conform to delicate nail surfaces without bubbles or wrinkles because they are less than 80microns thin! They don't yellow,
fade or curl on the edges. Our specially formulated inks and dies are designed to react with nail gels and POP with even more color intensity when cured!

This means ultra-thin, super-super smooth surfaces
for easy top coat application. No filling. No bridges. Combined with any brand of UV Gels or Gel Polishes, NailGrafx UV inks pop out with intense colors when cured under UV / LED light.


How to Get NailGrafx™?


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Sha-Nail Japan rebrands NailGrafx

NailGrafx by Sha-Nail Japan re-brands as Sha-Nail Pro globally.


'Sha' stands for "sha-sheen" in Japanese which means "photograph." We launched our product in English under the name NailGrafx as it seemed to make more sense for English speakers what our product was about: Making amazing photographic-quality scenes of art on nails.

As our brand grows globally - and considering the amazing influence Japan and other Asian countries have on Nail Art - we are uniting under one name: Sha-Nail Pro. The "Pro" lets everyone know this is a professional product available to pro's only while the Sha-Nail is a nod to our founding patented Japanese technologies.

You'll notice changes over the next few weeks as we transition our name and with it a number of improvements as we streamline many systems into one.

Thank-you for your enthusiasm and love for NailGrafx (now called Sha-Nail in English too!)  and especially your imaginations to create awesome nail art!